A happy Cumnor Hill House resident

Providing exceptional care means that we treat people as individuals

It might seem like an obvious thing to say if you are used to living independently, but it is one of the biggest fears of elderly people looking at care homes – that they will just become a number, and one's independence will naturally ebb away. We set out to counter this straight away.We know that focusing on the individual is the best way of helping people to settle quickly in order that they can get on with enjoying life.

While we're incredibly proud of Cumnor Hill's state of the art design, its facilities, its comfortable rooms and its attractive furnishings, our priority is to deliver the best care possible, while never losing sight of the happiness of each and every resident. There are as many personalities in our home as there are residents; providing customised lifestyle care comes as naturally to us as ensuring residents receive the required personal and medical care.

Some of our residents find happiness listening to music, reading a book, and chatting to friends, family and new acquaintances. Others like to be included in a wide range of participative and organised activities. Wherever a resident sits on this spectrum we ensure their lifestyle choices are respected and catered for.

We provide an environment where our residents can lead a fulfilling life and remain as independent as possible, where their capabilities, desires and individuality are respected and encouraged.

Residential Care

Residential care is exactly that. You live in the home as you would live anywhere else, and there is always someone on hand to help with things you need doing. There will always be someone to talk to, and things to do and see. Your relatives are welcome as if it were your own home and whatever your changing needs, you can be assured that you will be looked after with the very best of care and attention to the details important to you.

We know that visits from family and friends are incredibly important to our residents, so we operate an open visiting policy. There's no need to ring and make an arrangement; visitors are welcome at any time, and they will always be looked after and made to feel at home.

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Nursing Care

When you need a little more care and need a registered nurse to help you we have all the facilities on hand. We have an exceptional nursing suite with a skilled and highly experienced nursing team. Our rooms include profiling beds to ensure you are comfortable and complete with an adaptable soft mattress to care for your skin. We have the experience to care for you or your loved one at whatever stage of life you may be at.

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Dementia Care

Caring for people living with memory loss is a large part of what we do. There is no reason people with dementia can't still have a worthwhile life and our specially trained team are here to provide just that. Our specialist areas are geared towards easing the day-to-day obstacles for those with dementia and include calm, interactive areas of activity, designed to provide stimulation and comfort for the everyday tasks.

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Respite & Day Care

Day care allows non-residents to enjoy all the benefits of Cumnor Hill House for a short period of time. There are so many advantages. Carers can use us as a safe and happy alternative when they are unable to be present; the home provides variety and social interaction for those who spend much of their time alone; and a day at Cumnor Hill House is an ideal way of trying out the home prior to moving in permanently. A day at Cumnor Hill House includes transport to and from the home, breakfast, lunch, dinner, enjoyment of any of the activities that are taking place, and use of all the home's facilities.

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