On Thursday 1st August, we held a completely different kind of event for our residents, their friends and family members – you’ll never guess what it was…

A silent disco!

If you’re not familiar with the concept, a silent disco is where people dance to music that they’re listening to through headphones rather than using a speaker system. It’s great fun and it’s hilarious watching people dance when you can’t hear the music!

We called in the experts from the Silent Disco Company, the UK’s leading LED Silent Disco Hire Company. They brought state-of-the-art LED wireless headphones with them, and people taking part had an absolute blast.

Everyone was dancing along to a wide variety of songs, with hits from various decades being played on their headphones. Some people were sitting down but got their arms in the air when their favourite songs played. It was a joy to see everyone having so much fun.

Thank you to the Silent Disco Company for such a great event – everyone had a great time! Who knows, maybe we’ll be able to hold another silent disco in the future.

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