We recently wrote about some of the technology we have here in our Oxfordshire care home, Cumnor Hill House, but there’s a whole lot more where that came from. And the technology we’re about to tell you about helps us to take even better care of the people living here.

Droplet Hydration Cup

We make every effort to ensure our residents stay hydrated – especially when the weather’s warmer – and the Droplet Hydration Cup is a big help. Droplet cups remind people to drink, helping those who need additional support or encouragement to stay hydrated. The Droplet Smart Base fits onto the Droplet Mug or Tumbler to track how frequently someone’s drinking – and if they forget to drink, Droplet reminds them to hydrate! This can be with a reminder light or a voice message, and they even come with a night light. It has gone down a treat with our residents.


This ingenious device helps to improve confidence and quality of life for those living with Parkinson’s disease or showing similar symptoms. This self-stabilising cutlery enables people with a hand tremor to eat without stress – in fact, the chosen utensil attached to the battery-powered handle device adapts to tremor movements and shakes 85% less than the person’s hand, helping them feed themselves and retain that level of independence. With spoon and fork attachments, it’s ideal for all three meals of the day. It has really helped to improve the quality of life for some of our residents at Cumnor Hill House.


At Cumnor Hill House, we have implemented an electronic care planning system, iCare. This paperless system enables us to keep care plans up to date with real-time observations, risk assessments and incident reports. It also means there’s a single, detailed record for each client, so nothing is missed, guaranteeing consistency. The care team don’t have to duplicate any information and can see any changes to care plans as soon as they happen. It makes us a safer and more efficient care home, giving us more time to concentrate on care.

Nexus Care Solution

Gone are the days of pagers and loud alarms – making the most of the smart devices all around us, Nexus has developed a modern call bell response and alerting system. Developed by technology experts with a firm grasp of the care industry, the Nexus Care Solution is a real game-changer that delvers critical alarms and messaging for carers via a powerful messaging platform. The tool increases staff efficiency here at Cumnor Hill House and offers greater accountability and increased levels of care. And it does it all in a familiar way on a single ubiquitous smart device.

To find out more about the technology we use in our CQC-rated ‘Outstanding’ care home in Cumnor, Oxfordshire, please speak to a member of the team.