We always like to put on a show here at Cumnor Hill House, finding new entertainers that can put smiles on faces, and when we found this tribute act to The Beatles, we knew it would be a huge hit with our residents. Perfectly paired with a selection of canapés, we knew we had a recipe for a great event yesterday.

The pair completely looked the part, resembling the musical icons that are John Lennon and Paul McCartney. They were both smartly dressed in sharp suits, and they also donned the typical Beatles hairstyles and glasses.

The duo performed classics including I Want to Hold Your Hand, Penny Lane and Hey Jude among others, and everyone sang along to their favourite songs – some people even got up and danced! It really was well-loved by everyone. What better way to brighten up a Thursday afternoon than with a tribute act to the foremost and most influential band in history?

As you can see, the Bistro was packed, so maybe we’ll have to invite these thoroughly entertaining chaps back again sometime!