On Friday 1st June, we thought we’d pay our friends at the Cotswold Wildlife Park a visit, as it always makes for a fantastic day out. Residents love getting up close to the 260+ different species of animals, including birds, mammals, primates, reptiles and amphibians – and the park features lovely gardens too, making it an even nicer place to spend the day.

Just 20 miles from Cumnor Hill House, the Cotswold Wildlife Park is just two miles south of the beautiful village of Burford in Oxfordshire, so it’s not too far for us to travel. And there’s always so much to see and do at the park, these trips are always widely enjoyed, and putting smiles on residents’ faces is what it’s all about.

Daily activities at the park include watching the penguin and lemur feeding, along with the big cat feeding, petting farm animals in the children’s farmyard and taking a trip on the narrow-gauge railway. What was special this time around was seeing Belle, the Cotswold Wildlife Park’s first hand-reared Rhino calf, born earlier this year.

The Cumnor Hill House residents really enjoyed getting close to the wildlife at the park, with fun and laughter had by all observing the fantastic variety of animals. Next time you fancy taking a walk on the wild side, we highly recommend the Cotswold Wildlife Park!