Earlier this week, it was amazing to see three different generations of the same family enjoy an impromptu afternoon art session in the Bistro, put together by our lovely Events Manager, Cherie.

Joyce has been a permanent resident here at Cumnor Hill House since April 2017, and she loves being involved in all the activities we have going on. She especially likes anything artistic, as she always shines with her creative flair.

Joyce’s great-granddaughter, Sadie, and Sadie’s mother, Hannah, came in to visit Joyce one lunchtime and as the afternoon’s painting activity was being set up, Cherie asked Sadie if she would like to paint a picture. Her face lit up, so we collected all the equipment together and set out an activity for her to use finger paints to put dots on an outline of a dandelion, giving the effect of its seeds. To give the painting that finishing touch, Cherie then wrote ‘Make a wish!’ on the canvas too.

On a separate canvas, Joyce decided to used paint in an unconventional way, using cutlery to give an unusual effect of an animal’s fur! Joyce used a fork to press paint onto the canvas, a brilliant and really effective technique. It was great to see all three generations sitting down and having fun painting together while enjoying refreshments from the Bistro.

At the end of the activity, Cherie said how lovely it would be to take a photograph of Sadie’s work, but would be very happy for her to take the canvas home, which she did – she was one very proud little girl!