We’re delighted to announce that as of today, the Cumnor Hill House Gym is now open for action, and it’s one of just a handful of care homes in the country with an in-house gym. The only difference is that here at Cumnor Hill House, we’re unique as our gym is open to the public – and it’s completely free of charge!

A completely free facility for the whole community

Local residents are invited to come along and use our specialist equipment at their leisure; there’s no membership required, although we do ask for each visitor to participate in a short fitness assessment before getting started to ensure their safety.

A healthy, happy care home

At Cumnor Hill house, we describe ourselves as being an all-inclusive care home, and our brand-new, state-of-the-art, specialist gym is part and parcel of that too. This fantastic facility opened on 1st June 2018 and has been specially-designed to suit those aged 65 and over, featuring low-impact equipment that poses a much lower risk of injury than standard gym apparatus.

With a rowing machine, two upward weight machines and a walking machine, our residents have all the equipment they need to stay fit and healthy in our home. And better yet, if anyone would prefer to exercise in private, the walking machine is collapsible so can be moved into residents’ bedrooms if required.

Why have a gym in a care home?

Well, research shows that if you are fitter and more energetic in your twilight years, you are less likely to suffer from a fall, and an active lifestyle also staves off dementia and Alzheimer’s – we want the very best for our residents here at Cumnor Hill House and investing in this facility is just one of the many ways we have shown this since we opened in 2016.

Come and see the Cumnor Hill House Gym in action – and don’t forget to bring your sports kit! We hope to see you very soon.