This week, the local schoolkids have been taking their SATs, which is one of the most challenging things many of them have encountered so far in their childhood years.

To take on such a big task, you definitely need to be able to concentrate, so to ensure the kids had plenty of energy for their tests, Cumnor Hill House offered to provide breakfast for the kids at West Kidlington Primary & Nursery School for four days this week – we like to think of it as the older generation fuelling the younger generation!

When we heard the funding was no longer available to provide free breakfast to the kids before their SATs, we decided to step in and help out. After all, we wouldn’t want hungry tummies in the classroom! We’re incredibly happy to have been able to help the school maintain this lovely tradition – and judging by the smiles on the kids’ faces, it went down a treat. Additionally, residents and staff thoroughly enjoyed handing out the pastries to the kids at the school.

Here at Cumnor Hill House, we love getting involved in things going on in the community. If you know of anything our home could help with, please do get in touch. Call us on 01865 415185, email or pop in and see us here in our lovely home.