Across the country, schools are feeling the pinch, with funding being cut in many areas. Here in Cumnor, our care home has teamed up with a local school to help ease the financial burden.

Cumnor C of E Primary School sought sponsorship from the local community and we were more than happy to offer a helping hand, giving the school £5,000 for new sports equipment.

A couple of other things we’re getting involved in are the school’s archaeology and chess clubs! Cris, a member of our team, is a chess champion in his home country and will be going into the school to teach the kids a thing or two, and Allen, our Events Manager, is a trained archaeologist! He’ll be heading along to the school to talk to the kids about the wealth of knowledge he gained studying at Oxford University. Residents are more than welcome to attend both these clubs with Cris and Allen if they’d like to.

Once a month, schoolchildren will visit our home as part of a new reading club, something that will no doubt be incredibly rewarding the kids and our residents, and we’re also delighted to say that our residents will also be invited to various school functions!

This is a great partnership for the local community and we look forward to seeing how it blossoms in the coming months and years. Our hope is that all these different activities will help to bridge the gap between these two generations and help to build incredibly rewarding relationships.

To find out more about how we’re working with Cumnor C of E Primary School, please speak to a member of the team next time you’re here, call us on 01865 415185 or email – we’d be delighted to talk to you about our community projects.