You may remember when the Cumnor Hill House gym first opened a year ago – you can see our original article right here – and we’re pleased to say that it is still incredibly popular with residents in our Oxfordshire care home.

We’re continually investing in our offering to ensure our residents can access all that they need to stay as fit and healthy as possible, and that’s why we’ve recently added a new piece of equipment to the gym. It’s the MOTOmed Viva 2 full body exercise machine, complete with all the bells and whistles. With the assistance of our physiotherapist, Sue, and our personal trainer, Dot, residents can make the most of all our gym has to offer.

The MOTOmed is a firm favourite and it’s easy to see why; with features including symmetry training and motivational programmes, users can set targets and measure their progress. And with MOTOmed, you can ride the world – the screen can show all sorts of scenes, so you can cycle while viewing a series of beautiful and stimulating locations around the world for motivation.

It’s an expensive piece of kit, but it’s well worth the cost as the results are undeniably positive. In fact, there are many papers written on the benefits of improving all aspects of disabilities and illnesses in the elderly: muscle disease, spastic paralysis, diabetes, early mobilisation, COPD, hypertension, dementia, stroke and Parkinson’s, just to name a few.

This is what Dot, our personal trainer, has to say about the MOTOmed:

“I'm extremely passionate about our MOTOmed as I've witnessed incredible results. The MOTOmed bike isn't just one piece of equipment – it's a bicycle but also an arm bike providing passive movement for those who cannot move. We can monitor progress with each limb and measure spasticity.

“It's the bike most recognised by those residents at Cumnor who have had any sort of rehab as it's a specialist type of machinery important for our kind of home, and it’s the bike most used in every hospital and rehabilitation facility.

“Most visitors being shown around the home also recognise the machine and are extremely pleased that this is available. It's two pieces of equipment that my members enjoy using the most, especially those that can activate soft tissue through passive work, something that cannot be done on any other bike.”

If someone you know is living here at Cumnor Hill House and they aren’t making the most of our gym and the MOTOmed, speak to a member of the team today and we can arrange an induction for them.