It's Carers Week 2019 and this year, we’re adding our own special OUTSTANDING twist. That’s because the people involved in making Cumnor Hill House a real home aren’t just the carers…

Here we have chefs, cleaning and laundry staff, nurses, a physiotherapist, personal trainer, a gardener, activities coordinators, bar staff, a driver, maintenance, admin and management as well as carers – and without any one of these key roles, our home wouldn’t run as seamlessly as it does. No matter what the title or job role, just by working here, each person contributes to the care of those living here.

That’s why we’re grabbing Carers Week with both hands and we’re raising the bar, going further to include everyone who participates in caring in our celebration of the care industry and its importance in society.

This year, the focus of Carers Week is on getting carers connected – and we thought how better to do that than throw a staff party? We want to thank our wonderful team for all that they do for our residents and each other. And because working in care affects people’s home lives, the invitation is extended to family members too.

Family members support our staff to carry out their roles to the best of their ability. If someone’s late home, their significant other makes the dinner. If someone’s had a bad day, their family is there to lend an ear or give them a hug. It’s a real team effort when it comes to care, and we want to take the opportunity to thank everyone involved with a staff party this summer.

The story behind the staff party

The staff party on Friday 21st June is being funded by an incredibly generous donation from the family members of one of our residents.

In December last year, Marjorie sadly passed away. Her family were so grateful for the excellent care that Marjorie received whilst she was at Cumnor Hill House that they gifted an incredibly kind donation to put towards a staff party.

As some members of the team will be working at Cumnor Hill House when the party’s taking place, they will each be given a voucher to share with their loved ones instead, so nobody will miss out.

We’re incredibly thankful to have such a wonderful team here who are appreciated by our residents, and we’re so lucky to have such lovely residents who are a pleasure to care for. It’s a great community here at Cumnor Hill House and we’re incredibly proud of it. If you would like to be a part of it in any capacity, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.