We always go above and beyond wherever we can here at Cumnor Hill House, and with such a great team here, we have the opportunity to do something special when it comes to exercise and taking care of our residents’ wellbeing.

Recently, we’ve started focusing on Otago, which is based on building healthier lives. We all know that the benefits of exercise are plentiful, and Otago – which is specifically designed for the older generation – is an evidence-based, individually tailored strength and balance retraining programme.

With three experts here, these being Dot, our personal trainer, Sue, our physiotherapist and Charlie, our beauty and massage therapist, our residents really do receive the royal treatment; with Sue’s instruction, Dot’s practical input and Charlie’s support in preparing or unwinding with a sports massage, what more could we want?

The exercise programme helps residents to improve their balance, muscle strength, general fitness and wellbeing. Each resident performs their prescribed exercises three times a week with Dot and Sue’s guidance, but they don’t have to be done in one go and can be broken up to make the plan more manageable.

Exercises include walking forwards, backwards, sideways and turning around, head, neck, trunk and ankle movements, back extension, knee strengthening, side hip strengthening, calf, heel and toe, knee bends, one leg stand, sit to stand and stair walking. By performing these exercises and improving their strength and balance, we’re minimising the risk of our residents having a fall in our home, which makes life more enjoyable and less stressful for our residents and helps them to maintain their independence.

Speak to a member of the team if you’d like to find out more about Otago.