We’re delighted to welcome Di O’Meara to the team as our Holistic and Wellness Lead here at Cumnor Hill House care home, and she brings with her a wealth of experience in health, fitness and wellbeing.

Health and Wellness Lead is a brand-new role here in our CQC-rated ‘Outstanding’ Oxfordshire care home, and it has been created to enhance our team and our home’s offering. We anticipate it will bring breadth and depth to the existing environment of personal comfort and attention to detail at Cumnor Hill House. Once she’s up and running in her new role, Di will be around to offer support to residents, their family members and staff as well, so be sure to say hello.

Having Di on board will really refine how things work around our home when it comes to wellbeing, as she is very focused on health and happiness, and enjoys working as part of a team that can facilitate and support people in their goals. We already take the wellbeing of residents incredibly seriously, and we do everything we can to make the lives of people who call Cumnor Hill House their home as fun and fulfilling as possible, building healthier lives. Having Di here will hopefully only improve our overall care and the atmosphere in our home.

Next time you come and see us here at Cumnor Hill House, please do have a chat with Di if she’s around. We’re sure you’ll be seeing lots of her going forward! And if you have any questions about Di’s role here in our home, please don’t hesitate to speak to Di herself or Louise, our home manager.

Let’s see how much better life can be by taking care of our wellbeing a bit more! And that includes you.

Find out how Di’s career brought her to Cumnor Hill House:

“I initially trained as a radiographer, working in both NHS and private hospitals over the years. I enjoyed all the different fields of work including imaging in cardiology, breast cancer services, the community hospital and training and mentoring radiography students. I also trained as a fitness instructor in the 1990s and enjoyed teaching classes of all abilities, maintaining my own health and fitness along the way!

After retiring from the health service, I retrained as a bereavement volunteer for Cruse Bereavement Care, where I have now been volunteering for two years, gaining experience in working with clients one-to-one, working in small supervision groups and as a member of the 'Client Services and Training Committee'. This service is one that I have respected and had an interest in for many years following personal bereavements.

I have had wonderful opportunities for study throughout my life (including taking a first-class degree as a mature student from Durham University) and feel confident that I have the academic and intellectual strength to fulfil the expectations of this newly created post. I hope that it may also be enriched by further learning and application.

I hold Durham University postgraduate counselling certificates that have provided a skills-based foundation for working effectively in person-centred roles, and I also have experience mentoring students at Van Mildert College and bereavement counselling in the community.

My work in the health service, the fitness world, mentoring and Cruse has given me experience with a wide range of people, and I look forward to joining forces with Charlie the beauty therapist, Dot the personal trainer and Sue the physiotherapist at Cumnor Hill House to help and assist in delivering this aspect of holistic care in every way I can.

The aim of ‘living well’ can be a mantra for all, and this is an aspect I hope to expand and enrich for fulfilling lives for all of us.”