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Pippa & Buddy from Britain’s Got Talent came to Cumnor Hill House!
Our Thursday evening entertainment is always spectacular, but one of our more memorable evenings took place just last week when Pippa & Buddy of Britain’s Got Talent fame came to perform for us. It is always wonderful having a gorgeous dog and a talented singer come to visit, but when the dog joins in to sing as well? It’s astounding.

September Events at Cumnor Hill House - 2019
We have four fabulous events lined up this coming month, starting with a visit from Lara Olivia on Friday 6th September! We’ll be celebrating the weekend in style with this amazing professional singer here in our midst.

Next up is something a little more interactive – it’s a Belly Dance Show & Workshop right here at Cumnor Hill House! Katie will be teaching us how to move our hips with real pizazz, so you won’t want to miss this on Thursday 12th September.

We’re following this dancing act up with Debbie’s Soul & Motown Night! Debbie has been here before and everyone loved her performance earlier this year, so it’ll great to see her back in our home on 19th.

Rounding off the month on Thursday 26th September is the one and only Bob Gessey. A firm favourite in our home, complete with his guitar, it’s always lovely to have Bob back performing some great songs we love to sing along to. 

Here at Cumnor Hill House, our home has a voice – and we’re listening
If you live at Cumnor Hill House care home here in Oxfordshire, or if you have a friend or family member living here in our ‘Outstanding’ home, we’d like to tell you about our new initiative: Home Voice.

What exactly is Home Voice?

We’re inviting our residents, their friends and family members to put their suggestions, praises and concerns forward in a new way – by speaking to Peter, who lives here at Cumnor Hill House. We believe it will ensure everyone’s voice can be heard without anyone having to worry.

How will Home Voice work?

Peter will provide that all-important link to get everyone’s thoughts over to the Cumnor Hill House team; he will be available every week at our coffee morning to sit and chat with people, noting down any ideas, commendations or concerns regarding our Oxfordshire care home.

Peter will then meet with the Cumnor Hill House management team each week to put forward all the topics raised. There’s nothing too big, too small or too silly to mention and nothing is out of bounds – Home Voice is simply an easy way of letting the Cumnor Hill House team know your thoughts. Everything raised through Peter will be considered and responded to, regardless of the outcome.

It’s important to note that Peter is not responsible for any action taken or not regarding the matters raised with him – his role is to collate any concerns and ideas people have for Cumnor Hill House and make sure they’re heard.

Why do we need Home Voice?

We want to improve the way we find out what is going on well here in our CQC-rated ‘Outstanding’ care home in Oxfordshire, and make sure we hear about anything people think needs to change.

Once we’ve heard people’s thoughts, we can then see what we can do, whether that’s making changes to improve things that aren’t gong well or implementing something new to make living at Cumnor Hill House even better. If we hear that people like something specific, we can make sure it continues happening.

We hope that this new system means that we shall be more in touch with anything that needs to change and be better able to meet the needs of everyone who lives here.

If you would like to speak directly to a member of the Cumnor Hill House team, that’s still absolutely fine as well; Home Voice just makes it that little bit easier to express your thoughts.

What are the next steps?

Home Voice has now started here at Cumnor Hill House care home in Oxfordshire, and we look forward to seeing how this new initiative works in the coming weeks and months. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to speak to Peter or a member of the team.

Together, our aim is to make Cumnor Hill House an even better place to live.

Getting our groove on in a unique way
On Thursday 1st August, we held a completely different kind of event for our residents, their friends and family members – you’ll never guess what it was…

A silent disco!

If you’re not familiar with the concept, a silent disco is where people dance to music that they’re listening to through headphones rather than using a speaker system. It’s great fun and it’s hilarious watching people dance when you can’t hear the music!

We called in the experts from the Silent Disco Company, the UK’s leading LED Silent Disco Hire Company. They brought state-of-the-art LED wireless headphones with them, and people taking part had an absolute blast.

Everyone was dancing along to a wide variety of songs, with hits from various decades being played on their headphones. Some people were sitting down but got their arms in the air when their favourite songs played. It was a joy to see everyone having so much fun.

Thank you to the Silent Disco Company for such a great event – everyone had a great time! Who knows, maybe we’ll be able to hold another silent disco in the future.

Keep an eye out for our upcoming events by following us on Facebook.

Cumnor Hill House British Summer Party
Last Saturday, we held another spectacular summer party here at Cumnor Hill House care home in Oxfordshire, complete with donkey rides, a Punch and Judy show, singers and more! While the weather was not entirely with us, everyone had a great time.

We capped our day off with our fantastic raffle prize draw, featuring all sorts of wonderful prizes from Aldi, Pets at Home, Mobile Genie and many more local and national brands.

If you came along, we hope you managed to win something nice! Thanks to everyone who came along and joined in the fun. 

Mod-cons and top technology in our Cumnor care home
Having all sorts of technology at our fingertips is something we can often take for granted in our day-to-day lives, and you’d be forgiven for thinking that members of the older generation aren’t always overly familiar with all the technology available in the modern day – but here at Cumnor Hill House, residents benefit from some of the latest technology. And it really does make a difference to what life is like here.

What technology do we have in our care home?

Well, where to start?! We have top-of-the-range Sonos speakers in all our shared spaces and these are connected by Wi-Fi to iPads. The Sonos speakers are installed in the walls to help create an inbuilt, integrated sound system, and using Sonos app on the iPads, residents can choose the music they’d like playing in each communal room at the touch of a button.

We also have a few other iPads floating around for people to use, which make it easy to surf the web – they are also great for playing games like scrabble and doing crosswords as they offer the ability to zoom right in and enlarge letters and numbers. The iPads also have Skype and FaceTime, so residents can speak to friends and family members no matter where they are in the world – we even have people who love taking selfies!

Virtual reality is a wonderful thing and we use it here in our CQC-rated ‘Outstanding’ care home in Cumnor to assist residents who struggle to travel. It allows them to be transported to the beach, to go for a thrilling ride on a rollercoaster, see the Big Smoke from the London Eye, to go swimming with dolphins… the choices are out of this world, and our residents can experience them all from the comfort of our home.

How does it make Cumnor Hill House care home a great place to live?

Our iPad-controlled Sonos speakers promote choice – they let residents listen to the music they like, so they’re not stuck with the same songs on the local radio station day in, day out. Able to stream music through Spotify, the musical world is our residents’ oyster.

With other iPads available for use, we’ve opened all sorts of doors for our residents, who can play games whenever they’d like to, stay in touch with friends and family more easily and learn new things – after all, we never stop learning.

Virtual reality is simply amazing. It provides our residents here at Cumnor Hill House with a valuable added source of engagement and stimulation. It has been proven to help entice those living with dementia to interact more, and they’re free to try out new things in a safe environment.

If you’d like to find out more about the wide range of technology we use here in our care home in Cumnor, please pop in and speak to a member of the team. And we’re always open to new ideas, so please do make suggestions if you think of anything that could enhance our offering!

Fishing at Bibury Trout Farm
We’ve had many amazing trips to plenty of places this summer, but one of our favourites was when we took some of our residents fishing at Bibury Trout Farm last week! They were incredibly successful, with one individual catching four trout within an hour – it was fantastic. We brought the caught fish home and our brilliant kitchen team prepared them for everyone to eat. You can’t get much fresher than that!

Pen pal letters and charity bike rides
We recently launched a new pan pal scheme with our sister care home near Reading, Shinfield View. It’s always great to make new friends, so our residents were really keen on the idea!

We decided to launch this new scheme in style, so Alan – our wonderful Events Manager – hand-delivered the letters last week, travelling from Cumnor Hill House in Oxfordshire to Shinfield View by bike! And that’s of the push variety, not motor...

Alan cycled from Oxford to Reading and Andover and on to Stonehenge and Avebury, travelling over 150 miles to deliver the letters – and he also transported the replies with him back to Cumnor Hill House! He did it all in the name of charity.

The bike ride was part of our fundraising campaign to help Connie get the treatment she so desperately needs for her spinal muscular atrophy. We’re still fundraising, so it’s not too late to donate! Speak to a member of the Cumnor Hill House team if you’d like to contribute to help Connie.


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