Our Health and Wellbeing team at Cumnor Hill House

An ‘Outstanding’ Oxfordshire care home considering residents’ health, fitness and wellbeing

Cumnor Hill House opened in 2016 and we won various awards in our first few years of opening - our luxury care home is now the only ‘Outstanding’ home in the area, which is the highest rating from the CQC that under 4% of care homes in the UK achieve. But what makes us different? We think one of the standout features of our home is our focus on the health, fitness and wellbeing of the people who call Cumnor Hill House their home.

Our Health and Wellbeing team at Cumnor Hill House

Meet our health and wellbeing dream team

You may have seen our previous articles covering the aspects of health, fitness and wellbeing we consider here in our home, but in a nutshell, we employ a wonderful physiotherapist, a personal trainer, a holistic and wellbeing lead and a beauty and massage therapist! Our health and wellbeing dream team of Sue, Dot, Di and Charlie really do enhance our offering here at Cumnor Hill House, and we encourage all residents to make the most of the services they offer.

Back in June 2018, we opened our state-of-the-art in-house gym, complete with specialist low-impact equipment designed to suit those aged 65 and over – Cumnor Hill House is just one of a handful of care homes in the country with an in-house gym, but ours is also open to the public, completely free of charge. We also have our own spa and hold all sorts of fitness classes here in our home.

Sue from the Wellbeing team at Cumnor Hill House


Dot from the Wellbeing team at Cumnor Hill House


Di from the Wellbeing team at Cumnor Hill House


Charlie from the Wellbeing team at Cumnor Hill House


High quality spa at Cumnor Hill House Care Home

Why do we take our residents’ fitness so seriously?

Everyone knows how important exercise is for both physical and mental wellbeing, and we want the very best for our residents here at Cumnor Hill House. Research shows that if you are fitter and more energetic as you age, you’re less likely to suffer from a fall – and additionally, an active lifestyle helps to stave off dementia and Alzheimer’s.

One piece of equipment in our gym is a MOTOmed Viva 2, a specialist full body exercise machine. This wondrous contraption helps to improve all aspects of disabilities and illnesses in the elderly, including muscle disease, spastic paralysis, diabetes, early mobilisation, COPD, hypertension, dementia, stroke and Parkinson’s, just to name a few.

Wellbeing at Cumnor Hill House
Wellbeing at Cumnor Hill House

Helping our residents make the most of the gym

It’s all well and good having all sorts of high-tech equipment, but many residents aren’t confident walking into the gym and exercising on their own. That’s why to help our residents make the most of the gym, we hired a personal trainer and physiotherapist.

Dot, our fantastic personal trainer, creates personalised programmes that meet our residents’ needs, helping them to reach their goals, whether they’re to do with general fitness, weight, recovery or rehabilitation.

Meet Dot

Sue, our experienced physiotherapist, helps our residents to get back on their feet in more ways than one! Sue looks at mobility, posture and seating, can submit wheelchair referrals when required and helps to promote independence. She also offers expert assistance when residents are recovering from injuries, illnesses and other medical conditions.

Meet Sue

Here at Cumnor Hill House, with a physiotherapist and personal trainer in our brilliant team, we’re in the best possible position to help residents recovering from injury or serious medical conditions such as depression, stroke or arthritis. Additionally, as Sue and Dot focus on Otago, which is specifically designed for the older generation, our residents can improve their balance, muscle strength, general fitness and wellbeing in a safe environment and under expert guidance.

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High quality spa at Cumnor Hill House Care Home

Find a wide range of treatments in the Lily Room Spa

Charlie’s treatments work wonders for our residents – Reiki, for example, reduces stress, aids relaxation and promotes healing; Indian head massages help to increase circulation and muscle tone, as well as improving immunity; and reflexology is great for those with limited mobility or for when someone needs a boost. Everyone loves to be pampered and our treatments really do improve our residents’ quality of life. Better yet, they are all part of the all-inclusive care here at Cumnor Hill House in Oxfordshire.

Meet Charlie
Wellbeing at Cumnor Hill House

We’re serious about wellbeing...

In summer 2019, Di joined the team as Holistic and Wellness Lead, with the aim of enhancing our overall offering in the home. Able to offer support to residents, their family members and staff here too, Di’s role is helping us to build healthier lives for everyone linked to our ‘Outstanding’ Oxfordshire care home.

Meet Di

Keep fit with Cumnor at our weekly exercise classes

Our weekly exercise classes are held for our residents and for members of the community, so please speak to a member of the team if you would like to come along sometime. We hold keep fit classes every Monday with a dance instructor, with classes suitable for all abilities. Dot holds classes too, moving between the home’s floors, adapting movements to suit the needs and capabilities of her audience.

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Wellbeing at Cumnor Hill House

A healthy, happy home with all-inclusive care and an ‘Outstanding’ rating

As Cumnor Hill House is an all-inclusive home, there’s no additional charge for our residents to make the most of physiotherapy, personal training sessions, exercise classes or massages, as it’s all part of the weekly fee for care.

Wellbeing at Cumnor Hill House
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Wellbeing at Cumnor Hill House

How you can get involved

Whether you’d like to try out our in-house gym, come along to one of our fitness classes or find out more about how our staff work together with our residents’ health and wellbeing in mind, please do speak to a member of the team. Everyone loves chatting about all our fitness-focused initiatives so would be more than happy to answer any questions you may have.

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